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American made, family-owned Dacor has been designing and manufacturing luxury kitchen appliances for three generations. Dacor provides a full line of innovative products designed to appeal to a broad segment of the luxury kitchen appliance market. With products available through a network of over 1,500 retail locations, Dacor is bringing luxurious appliances to customers throughout North America, and into select countries worldwide. Industry Firsts

Dacor introduced many product firsts that revolutionized the kitchen appliance industry forever. One of their most significant products was the 30" PureConvection™, Self-Cleaning Built-in Wall Oven, released in 1987. The innovative oven transformed Dacor's business and has since become the industry standard. Other industry firsts included the first cooktop with continuous grates and the first professional range with sealed burners. Today, Dacor continues to lead with advanced product engineering, setting product design and performance benchmarks.
In 1933, Stan Joseph opened a small hardware store in Northern California. Supported by his devoted wife, Florence, his innovative thinking led to the invention of the first ventilation systems and kitchen first indoor electric BBQ. In 1989 Stan was one of the first to be inducted into the Hall of Fame NKBA for his contribution to the appliance industry. While the sons of Michael and Anthony grew up in Dacor industry leader it is today, Stan can be credited with setting the standard device for unrivaled quality, design and service. Dacor has experienced three recessions, the company has made changes and has demonstrated the flexibility to adapt to the current market. Maybe Stan figured it best when he said that history would Dacor continuing one. And still, it will carry on budet.Kompaniya Dacor outdated and fundamental principles, how it develops and continues as a leader in industrial devices.